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Utilizing our technology partnerships, we strive to enhance our customers' every day experiences.

In order to provide excellent technology solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research and test the product offerings from the best manufacturers. We have, and will continue to work tirelessly to become the leader in the select markets that we service. We are excited and passionate about helping our customers to find simple and cost effective solutions to their security technology needs.

Onora means honor, and to us one's honor is everything. We only hire individuals who have the highest work performance, integrity, and customer service standards; those who embody our motto: 


Honor is within


Headquartered in Tucson Arizona, Onora Systems is a group of local experienced leaders within the security and low voltage contracting industries.

Consumers deserve better than the lackluster experiences that the security industry has been prone to provide and Onora Systems is obsessed with the integrity of our team members and our willingness to help our customers and the communities in which we live.


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