Burglar alarm systems do a lot more than just scare off burglars

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Tried and True

Systems originally made by Radionics became the security platform for Bosch. These are the systems of choice for large commercial enterprise and are the only truly integrated systems from a single manufacturer encompassing Intrusion, Fire, Access Control and Surveillance.

If you pay attention to the fire or burglar alarm keypad when entering most large retailer facilities, it's almost certainly a Bosch, and there is a good chance that an Onora technician has serviced that system.

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Tying it all together

Many of the systems that are offered by Onora Systems are managed through's interactive services. has been a leader in the security industry for home automation services for many years and we are happy to offer their newer products on the commercial side. services are only offered from authorized dealers, and even then, few are experienced enough to offer the full range of systems and services.

Onora Systems' UL Listed monitoring station is FULLY integrated with, allowing complete management of your alarm system directly through a mobile app. Even change your list of emergency passwords and cancel a false alarm, all through the app.

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New kids in town

Alula is the combination of two companies from the security industry: Resolution Products and IPDatatel.

Resolution Products's claim to fame was their hardwired and wireless translators while IPDatatel made universal cellular communicators that worked on just about any system that had a phone dialer on it. With Resolution's top-notch engineering and IPDatatel's communication platform, a great merger resulted in Alula.

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Changing the game

Two Honeywell Security employees (a sales representative and an engineer) had been asking the company to make a newer alarm system with better features for many years. They were told, "don't worry about the guys in the garage." They left Honeywell Security and created their own product and company. The 2Gig (2-Guys-In-Garage) GC2 alarm system revolutionized the residential alarm industry, adding a touchscreen and z-wave automation, with remote services via


Millions of the systems were installed by dealers across the world. The new GC3 automation system adds a larger touch screen and WiFi dual-path reporting of signals to a monitoring station.

The specialists at Onora have been installing and servicing 2Gig systems since they were first released, so whether you are in need of servicing your existing 2Gig, or would like the newest iteration of 2Gig products, Onora has you covered.



Stepping it up

Quality of Life Systems (Qolsys) came on the scene a few years ago with a system designed from the ground up to fully utilize the capabilities of's platform and the full range of automation devices including cameras, thermostats, deadbolts, garage door controllers, lighting, irrigation control, and even smart speakers.

Nobody around knows these systems inside and out as well as your Onora systems specialists.

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From the north

Digital Security Controls originally hails from our neighbors in Canada. Now part of Tyco, they are world leader in electronic security. Their newer Powerseries Neo hybrid alarm systems are fully integrated with, allowing a perfect marriage of proven reliability of DSC hardware, and simple remote management of your home or business with interactive services.

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All-in-one with great wireless
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