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You don't have to hate your home's WiFi!


"Eero is owned by Amazon, shouldn't I be buying it from them? What do I need Onora Systems for?"

Eero has partnered with Onora Systems who specializes in installing and configuring Eero wireless hubs. Best of all, if you have questions or issues afterward, Onora Systems is able to help you configure and troubleshoot the network remotely.

"My modem has WiFi built in, so what is the point of Eero?"

A bicycle has wheels. That doesn't mean you should ride it down the freeway. There is good reason why internet providers are some of the most hated companies in the United States. That happens to be related to why your home's WiFi is terrible.

Having your own wireless router, and especially an Eero mesh network, puts the power of controlling your home's WiFi in your hand, and Onora Systems is there to help. 


Free money saving tip: purchase your own internet modem and stop getting charged modem rental fees from your internet provider.

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